The Path

by Matt Dailey

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Recorded over the past year, The Path is the first album I have produced solely by myself. The concept behind this album is the idea of the path we take through life. We control somethings, yet we have no control over other aspects. We can only look back at our past and be critical or look forward and speculate, but in the end we never truly know where we will end up.

We change, we feel, we act, we think.

This album takes many genre forms including rock, electronic, orchestral, ambient and video game soundtrack elements. It is a celebration of my influences as much as it is a personal expression I felt I needed to make.

Thanks you very much for checking The Path out. I hope you enjoy!


released January 10, 2015

Matt Dailey - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, percussion, samples

Additional sample material found in public domain (radio broadcasts)

Written and recorded in Brantford and Toronto between February 2014 and January 2015

Mixed and produced by Matt Dailey

Photography and graphic design by Matt Dailey

Special thanks to Glynnis, Ray, Ryan, Alex, Holden, Sim, my family, and all of you.

© Matt Dailey 2015.



all rights reserved


Matt Dailey Toronto, Ontario

I am a composer, songwriter, and teacher.

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Track Name: I Will
I will learn to survive you
I will learn not to hide from you
Track Name: The Path
Feeling something strong deep down inside my gut,
I push it further down and the pain begins to set,
You asked for reasons and a look that said your the one,
I set my jaw and turn towards the setting sun

All these questions now about the path that’s never clear,
Who says that I should change?
And my body’s breaking now as your soldiers commandeer,
This world is so strange

The television glows my armchair’s set in stone,
Always the same show about love life and a home,
But time is shaking hard and the front lines seem to rise,
If I could see this through I would severe every tie,

The path that’s never clear
Track Name: Headings
The mist and fog blur the signs ahead and the road behind is hardly seen,
Time to breath, let go of the thoughts that haunt me,
Drift away and fall down into bliss

Light so dim, distant in the dark it is blocked by the cold hard ground,
Hear the sound, still it is lost but it’s never found,
Reach inside and to the past i close my eyes
Track Name: The Fork
Track Name: Hold You Tight
Reaching for the stars, but getting pulled down by the ghosts of the past, The good things never last, so I am told,
Finding it hard to get back home,

Finding my own path through the thick and dirty snow,
I just want you to know your my sun and stars,
The fog will clear away by the light,

And all you said to me about what makes this right,
I wish that you could turn and see your face,
It’s all been done before but can we have tonight?
I just wanna hold you tight
Track Name: Everyday (Crashing)
Track Name: It Ain't Gonna Rain
No, no, it ain't gonna rain,
It ain't gonna rain, no more
Track Name: Freeway
Raise my head from the pillow at ten,
The sun beams through the blinds defend,
Feet dislike the hardwood floor,
Throw myself right through the door,

Grab the keys sunglasses down,
Top’s the same warm leather brown,
Head on down the path concrete,
The freeway stop where we first meet,

Changing lanes from where we began,
Our start, our life, our exit ramp,
The road the lines the tires bend,
Then we start over again